Lilies to the rescue

A card can never go wrong with Lilies, ain’t it? They are those beautiful flowers who self-proclaim 10simplicity. And they are very simple to make once you have punched the paper. Well, one more thing I really like about lilies is that even when you use thick flowers for fillers, lilies will always stand out and fillers just complement them 🙂

I used a die cut base and used quite a bit of leaves to make a bunch of flowers look nice. But, I really didn’t want to focus on creating a pattern with the flowers because there was so much space on the card that I was able to afford a scattered look.
8 I didn’t have a particular color in mind, but I did want a light shade  hence the shades of blue and light green for the look. The  flowers are  embossed and i used glossy accent with glitter to  shine. This is a  stand  up card and very nicely stands  in spite of the weight of the flowers!  Few strings of pearls, cute die cuts made the card as  beautiful as one  can imagine!

And here it goes a nice big card 🙂



Elegance personified

15 Every color has a magic of its own, some intrigue you, some capture  you, some complement you. I think grey is one of those very few  colors that can be used in a variety of moods. It can depict calmness  and unspoken joy. But when you use the  same  color  for a celebration  it adds elegance!

I have used a big flower punch and trimmed the petals, then topped  with a flower and fussy cut a floral wave to it, then used a simple  sentiment.

Now there is much more than what you can do with the beautiful color.I have gave 14a shade from lighter grey to darker grey and then used the spritz technique to create the beautiful pattern. Yes! I have used the pumice stone in distress inks for the color. For the ‘special memory’ sentiment, I used glue and put some glitters for the corners and its just amazing !

Love what you can do with just white and grey 🙂




Polka Dot Heart !

Folder Hearts are cute but so are polka dots..hold on, what about  a  combination of both of them..cutesssst!

This is my first cut on my dear electronic cutter and it is  the  most  simplest cut. But, as always the perfectionist  that I  claim I  am, I have taken an entire day to cut it  exactly  the  way I want.  The foam tape does help to create  a layer  and  the base paper  has been scored giving the  card a right  texture.

I decided to keep the accessories to the minimum, and  hence  used contrasting ribbons to create a lovely bow.By  the way, I  made the bow with a fork and drooled in  ecstasy!!

And in all the sentiments I had .. I couldn’t imagine anything better than ‘I Love You’ to go with the card!


For my Mother..who loves Roses :)

It was Mother’s day! And as much as I agree that one single day in a year is not enough to thank this beautiful lady in your life, I still treat this day special, because on this day we make it a point to thank her. We take time and make her feel special and loved the way she deserves. So this year.. I thought I will make something she truly likes.

She loves Roses, and I ordered the stamp set from Simon Says Stamps and decided to make a special card for Mummy! I played with the colorbox colors, versa mark, white embossing powder and fussy scissors…just loved the combination! Check out how it turned out after an hour of effort ..



With that beautiful bunch of flowers, I wanted a little lace and combine it with a complimenting color hence i chose purple color. But then, I felt I need more texture for my card so embossed the card with my dear cuttle bug and finally here goes the card !



Did Amma like it .. are you kidding me, she loved it! After all, there was a lot of love that poured into it 🙂


The Goodness in Shagun

I have attended a workshop on Punch Craft by Rupa Ray Burman and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was here, that I was exposed to a lot of techniques, more importantly knowledge to start off ! I can imagine the starting days in a crafting world-confused, full of energy, craving appetite to do more is a just a zest of it. A self learning from the workshop is that, don’t get scared to try out new basic material, to try out a variety of them. The first is to understand paper and understand inks, everything else comes next!

12This is a very simple technique of spraying water on a particular paper known as IRIS paper and blow dry immediately to get the look. I loved doing every bit of it. Of course! you need to use water solvent inks and I have used my favorite distress inks. All the flowers have been distress inked..sprayed with water and blow dried. I placed them, and appropriate places to make it a beautiful shagun envelope..who wouldnt love it ?


The Magic Of Diamonds

IMG_20150319_114338075 I wanted to understand the length of possibilities that my  dear scoreboard can give me. Well! This is for sure one.  This again is one of my first cards and with limited  supplies I wanted to a card that speaks for itself.

 I chose blue and green colors again for the reason that I  have the archival ink pads is similar colors and I wanted to  match them.The first step is to understand your layers of card stock and stamp the borders as you please.. I used the corners only so as to create more space for the diamonds to stand out. For this particular technique, I prefer to stamp first and then score.

Well, if you are worried that you don’t have a diagonal score board don’t rush to but one! A Martha Stewart  board is a real good one. I have a 12×12 inch scoreboard and it is just awesome. The envelope scoreboard does its trick. Just use it to create a diagonal lines and start scoring with a one inch gap. Once done, take a waste paper and do the same scoring. Now take a middle diamond that you have scored on the waste paper, cut it and use this waste strip to mask the color for the main card.

IMG_20150319_114245348Using the same technique, I have used a single color and managed to still bring out the beauty of the technique. I have used swirls as main stamps as I really wanted the diamonds to enjoy their space..but you can use which ever stamp that you believe will give the card a different look.Make your card just beautiful by accessorizing with flowers, places, laces and everything that your imagination can take you. Finish it off with a sentiment and of course share it with the person you love!

Hugging Water

IMG_20150328_093750996 - Copy

Well ! This beautiful card is a water color card. The first thing that one should remember is to buy a water color paper for this card 😛 … well! I want to warn because i tried it on other papers and learnt it the hard way 🙂 With a little bit of stamping, embossing and coloring .. this card is one of the easiest to make and is just a beauty !!

For the background, I used a water colors again and then used a little bit of silver pearl powder to get the shine..Aaah ! I wish my the photo captured the shine .. its so beautiful ! Not to miss, i used the silver balls for the flowers and they gave an amazing look!

There are some amazing water color techniques..more to come soon !

The Tiny Lilies


Sometimes love comes in small packets..would you believe if I told you that this card is not more than the half the size of your palm.As they say in South India ‘its a kutti card’ ! The challenge for this card was definitely in making the lilies, they are ofcourse punched but they are so tiny that it was almost impossible to distress and bend the paper with your fingers. 

So, I used a lot of distress inks to get the effect. I used it to colour the lilies, the pollens, the frame and the leaves. I have used an embossed background to the card, gave a second step to the frame by using double sided foam tape. Then took the same effort to put the lilies together..aint it cute? 

I instantly fell in love with the card, added a sentiment and voila ! its all ready .. 

Tip: If you want your pollens to stand straight, apply fevicol with your fingers to the stems and let it dry for couple of minutes..they will become hard and remain straight 🙂 

Layers of Love

IMG_20150311_194516238I came across this technique by chance and from then on was awe-struck by it. It is famously known as the ‘Triple Layer Technique’ but I wish to call it ‘Layers of Love’.  I picked a white card stock and a dark blue card stock for my card and loved the output at the end. But when I started off, I realized there is a little math involved in this project and the best way to do it is to write the dimension of all your pieces on a paper first and then start cutting. I guess, the die cuts will save a lot of time but I did it the hard way.

When you stamp, you need to stamp all the white card stocks together and later layer the blue card stocks. I used a beautiful white ribbon, used distress inks to blue it up a little bit, sprayed a little shine and finished the card.

FolderTriple Layer Technique doesn’t necessarily need to be two steps, it can be done different ways with multiple steps. I just love this technique and cant wait to do more of such cards.

By the way, I gave this card to my best friend who is truly the sunshine of my life !